Kobo GloI’m sitting in a coffee shop right now, typing this on my phone (which is sharing a power bar with six other phones) and enjoying my first hot drink since Saturday. We have had no power since then and this toasted s’mores hot chocolate is the first thing I have eaten that’s not a peanut butter sandwich.

I don’t know why the coffee shop has power and we, a few blocks away, don’t. But this little store has been a lifeline today for people in the area—hot food and drink, the sharing of news and gossip about the storm we had and its aftermath, and three power outlets, stretched to the max with extension cords and power bars, where people can recharge their gadgets.

Yes, that’s a picture from Joanna. Brr!

My Kobo Glo—blessedly front-lit for in-the-dark reading—has earned it’s keep these last few days. The Beloved has gone to bed by 8 two nights in a row because he’s had nothing to do once his phone, which he charges in his car, runs down for the night. I myself had to piggyback some juice off my laptop battery once already to get mine working again before I plumbed that mine to its end and had to go out looking for a place like this coffee shop to bring it back to life again. But the Kobo hasn’t even lost a single battery bar and I am on my third book. The storm has given my year-end reading stats a boost, at least!

I see the power trucks out there. They are saying it might be too ambitious to expect light and heat again by Christmas. But this coffee shop has power, so I am hopeful we will soon too. In the meanwhile, my Kobo is ready to go, power or no power. Ain’t technology grand?

Editor’s Note: I have to admire Joanna’s dedication, typing this on her iPhone. That’s a lot of words on a phone. Keep sending warm thoughts her way!