kobo[1] The New Yorker blog “The Book Bench” has a brief piece covering the Kobo e-reader and the company behind it, through the lens of sitting in at a company party. It doesn’t go into any great detail, but does look at the culture and goals behind the company.

“What we’re doing is the first major change in publishing in hundreds of years,” [CEO Michael Serbinis] told me. “Our device is a great marketing tool, but we’re first and foremost a content company, and you can take our content to any device you want. For us, it’s about escape, adventure, learning. It’s about the books.”

It also mentions that, regardless of whether Amazon’s Kindle makes it that far down or not, there will “reportedly” be a $99 Kobo available for insertion into Christmas stockings. Good news for e-reader fans, both those who like the Kobo itself and those who would prefer the other brands of e-readers that are going to be feeling the pricing pressure.image

(Found via eBookNewser.)


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