By Moe Zilla

Last week I wrote about a new audiobook feature that Amazon introduced, making it easier to switch from the text version of an e-book to its professionally-narrated audiobook version. But in the same announcement, Amazon also revealed a new feature that’s available in its new versions of the Kindle Fire tablet.

“Immersion Reading” promises an “evolutionary multisensory reading experience that intensifies the power of great stories and helps readers retain more of what they read,” Amazon explains in a press release. Translation: You’ll be able to listen to a professionally-narrated audiobook at the same time that you’re also reading along with the text yourself!

“Immersion Reading” is now already available for nearly 15,000 different Kindle e-book/audiobook combinations, as Amazon announced in their press release, “across a wide array of categories and genres.” It’s a feature that’s exclusively available on the new versions of the Kindle Fire tablets; Amazon first revealed the details during their September 6th press conference in Santa Monica.

Amazon will also let you try the feature with 20 free e-book/audiobook combinations of some classic books. They’re the same books I wrote about last week—some read by professional actors like Kenneth Branagh, Anne Hathaway, or David Hyde Pierce—at tinyurl.com/FreeKindleAudiobooks.

In general, if you see an e-book listed in the Kindle Store with “Whispersync for Voice” capabilities, you can also listen to its audiobook version while you follow along with the text for an “Immersion Reading” experience. There’s automatic page turns, and Amazon will even highlight the text as it’s being read, which they believe will make for a more compelling experience that helps both new readers and long-time fans of books.

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