Kindle Paperwhite intro

Glimpses of font darkness

Paperwhite book covers projected onto hall screen

Paperwhite, WiFi (no 3G)

Five Generations of Kindle

Showing “9 mins left in chapter” estimate

This time, a bit about the coming Kindle Paperwhite, which was to ship on October 1, although the current shipping date is listed as October 22, partially because of demand.  I’ve included some photos I took at the recent Amazon press event in Santa Monica, as these illustrate some of the points they stressed.

Much has been written about the Paperwhite, because few of us expected the light to be so evenly distributed, with a soft, diffused quality.  It’s easy on the eyes, with no obvious source for the lighting system and no unevenness like what we’ve sometimes seen with the Nook Glowlight. However, my own concern with what the new e-Ink Kindle model would be like has been a result of two disappointments (for some) with the Nook’s front-lit reader:

1.  Possibly lowered contrast relative to older e-Ink Kindles.  Even the Nook reviews that were very positive tended to mention there was a loss of contrast as a result of the additional layer that houses the eight LED lights at the top edge of the e-Ink display, resulting in “certain lines of text looking slightly darker or lighter than others.”

2.  Many reports of fragility of the lighting portion of the display so that a very light scratch on the surface, although not producing an indentation, can cause what Nook fan Kyle Wagner of Gizmodo describes as a “frightful little light tunnel that popped up” after he accidentally “dropped a [TV] remote control [from a height of] about six inches onto the screen,” and he excoriates himself for doing that.  The title of his piece was the sane advice that “You Really Don’t Want to Drop the New Simple Touch.”

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