An interesting question popped up last month on Kindleboards.

A mom wanted to set up FreeTime—the app included on Kindle Fire HD that allows parents to create a customized content experience—for her son on the Fire HD. A lot of his books were not purchased from Amazon, so when she sent them to the Fire, they were classified as “personal documents” and didn’t show up under any of the FreeTime tabs.

She converted the books to EPUB, side-loaded an EPUB reader and figured that would fix it. Nope. Sideloaded apps also don’t show up on FreeTime. She called Amazon Customer Service, and they said what she wanted couldn’t be done.

But they were wrong. I remembered that the OverDrive Media Console was available as a Fire app, so I suggested she try that.

It worked. OverDrive shows up under the FreeTime apps tab. She used Dropbox to load the books into Overdrive and everyone was happy.

I hope this helps other parents who are struggling with non-Amazon content in FreeTime.

Anyone know of another work-around?