How to root Kindle FireWhen the Kindle Fire HD was announced, a number of developers initially suggested the device might be hack-resistant, since it was shipping with locked bootloaders.  (What the heck is a bootloader, you ask? Here’s a good, non-techy explanation.)

As it happens, though, Amazon’s new tablet has already been rooted, and you can find how-to instructions on a few different tech sites. If you’re in need of a how-to guide that’s relatively jargon-free and easy-to-follow, take a look at the instructions posted earlier today by Redmond Pie.

You can also scroll down to check out a 15-minute how-to video from REV TV.

WARNING & DISCLAIMER: It’s important to note that if you even attempt to root your Kindle Fire HD, you’ll most likely be voiding your warranty. There’s also the very real possibility that you may end up permanently damaging your device. (I should also point out that I haven’t attempted to get root access on a Kindle Fire HD myself.) Neither TeleRead, the Consumer Technology Publishing Group, nor NAPCO or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates will be held responsible if you damage your device while following the Redmond Pie guide or the REV TV video. Proceed at your own risk!

If any of you do decide to give this a shot, however, we’d love to hear about the results—positive or negative.

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{Video} How to Root the Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablet