Kindle Fire HDAssuming you don’t mind signing a two-year contract with AT&T, this is a good deal.

Here’s the price breakdown, assuming you already have a Mobile Share plan.

• $399 base cost for the Kindle Fire
• Minus $150 in credits (new 2-year plan & activation at AT&T store)
• Plus $240 for 2 years worth of Mobile Share date ($10 per month)

Total: $489

If you buy from Amazon, you’ll pay $399 + $50 for one year’s data plan (250MB per month). The total for that is $449.

But buying from Amazon only gets you one year’s data at the $50 price. No one knows yet what the cost will be for year two and onward, but most of us assume it will be more. Even if it’s the same price, you’re still looking at $499, so the AT&T deal is looking pretty good, especially when you consider that a Mobile Share plan will get you lots more than 250MB per month.

The Kindle Fire will be available from AT&T starting on April 5. While I am always highly skeptical of press releases and articles on April 1, this one doesn’t look too good to be true.

Anyone planning to take advantage of AT&T’s offer?