Yes, you read that headline correctly. When the DOJ lawsuit against the publishers came out last year, it became a lot more about Amazon and their alleged monopolistic practices than it was about the publishers and their alleged collusion. Now three independent bookstores are suing Amazon and the publishers for anti-trust violations around DRM.

Lawsuits and most media coverage completely miss the point about Amazon’s success. If a picture is truly worth 1,000 words, I’ll save you a lot of reading:

Amazon Kindles and their owners

That’s from an improptu D.C.-area get together of KindleBoards members (I’m the yellow sleeve on the bottom left.) Four Kindle owners; 12 Kindles.

Think that’s a fluke? Hang out on KindleBoards for a while. Read signature lines. Owning three or more Kindles is not uncommon.

Folks, you don’t get that kind of loyalty through monopolistic practices. You get it through a great product that people love.