Now that it’s summer, and we want to take our e-readers to the beach, this is perhaps a good time to review what are (and are not) good ideas for how to treat our devices.

CNET put the Kindle Paperwhite through a beach torture test to see how it would do.

Here’s the video. Fair warning: If you’re watching this at work, you may experience feelings of vacation envy. I’m not accepting any responsibility for loss of productivity due to viewing this.

And for those of you who just want the quick wrap-up, the Paperwhite performed pretty much as I’d expected, surviving both the drop and the heat stroke but failing on exposure to salt waterKindle

Now, I know none of you would do this to your e-reader, Paperwhite or not, but if you do want to turn your device into a beach bum, this product gets good reviews on Amazon.

No, I haven’t tested it myself. I’m more a woodsy/mountain camping person than a sun bather. But if anyone wants to share good beach protective e-reader apparel, feel free.





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