I’ve been updating apps all day in preparation for an upgrade to iOS 7 (as soon as I can get onto the swamped server). I was delighted to read the changelog for the new Kindle for iOS app and see that we’re finally getting Collections.

I can’t think of another feature I see more on people’s wish list for the Kindle apps, and my first thought was “Hooray! Finally!”

Now I’ve updated the app and played around with them for a bit, and they aren’t quite what I was hoping for.

Yes, there are Collections. And yes, they do import Collections you’ve created on other devices (although give it some time–the screenshot below was taken right after update, and several more collections appeared a few minutes later).

Adding books to Collections is dead simple. Pull up the “Add to Collections” screen, and you can tap books to select them, as you can see below.

Observant readers may already have spotted the problem. Collections are global, meaning that when you view them, you are viewing books both on the device and in the cloud. The switch from Cloud to Device button is greyed out in the Collections screen. So it’s great if you’re one of those people who keeps everything on your device and less good for those of us who don’t.

When you look at books in the other views, like “Books,” you can select Cloud or Device, but not in Collections view. This makes the feature much less useful, in my opinion. Others may disagree.

As for other updates, they’ve adopted the flatter look of iOS 7, and it looks crisp and good. I do like the new look. I hope their next addition will be the “Time Until End of Chapter” like in the Android app.

So not everything I’d hoped for in Collections, but still, a worthwhile update.