uncoverageThere are plenty of stories about Miley Cyrus and packages falling out of the sky these days. It seems that lost in news coverage is hard-hitting reporting that could actually make a difference.

That’s where Uncoverage plans to step in.

The site was announced on Monday in an article in the New York Times and is currently on indiegogo looking to raise $30,000. The site will allow journalists to crowd source articles and topics. The point is to give the public a voice by making it possible for them to fund topics that matter to them.

But the question is will anyone pay?

So far, a little more than $10,000 has been funded on indiegogo.

The project sounds interesting. Personally, I would love to see this work out. Things that matter – and we’re talking really matter to people – aren’t covered enough. It’s likely because it doesn’t bring in the money.

Investigative journalism is tough to monetize because it likely won’t get enough page views to validate the work. However, if the money is coming from a different source this will allow journalists to write about more serious topics … and stop writing about celebrity relationships.

If you could pick a topic, what would you like to see covered?