images.jpegReceived this email from Lee Aronsohn and thought it asked an interesting question. My suspicion is that the current resolution of video glasses might not be good enough for this purpose:

When I got my first iphone and started reading books on it (with Bookshelf), I immediately thought how great it would be to connect a pair of video glasses and lie in bed reading via the glasses, flipping the pages on the the iphone (which I wouldn’t have to hold in front of me). But when I went down to the Sharper Image to try it out, I discovered that Apple only allowed video and photo output, and only from certain apps. It didn’t support screen mirroring or external displays, so I could not use the glasses with any ereader app.

Then I read that iphone OS 3.2 (released to support the ipad) would support external displays. Yay!

Support for External Displays and Projectors
An iPad can now be connected to an external display through a supported cable. Applications can use this connection to present content in addition to the content on the device’s main screen. Depending on the cable, you can output content at up to a 720p (1280 x 720) resolution. A resolution of 1024 by 768 resolution may also be available if you prefer to use that aspect ratio.
To display content on an external display, do the following:
Use the screens class method of the UIScreen class to determine if an external display is available.
If an external screen is available, get the screen object and look at the values in its availableModes property. This property contains the configurations supported by the screen.
Select the UIScreenMode object corresponding to the desired resolution and assign it to the currentMode property of the screen object.
Create a new window object (UIWindow) to display your content.
Assign the screen object to the screen property of your new window.
Configure the window (by adding views or setting up your OpenGL ES rendering context).
Show the window.

I thought “Surely someone into ebooks is already thinking about how to enable e-reading with video glasses”. Every couple of days I’d check Teleread, figuring news of such an innovation would show up there first.


There are video glasses available with built-in card readers or attached proprietary media readers which claim to support ebooks, and plenty of video glasses which support the iphone/ipad/ipod for movie viewing, but no one in the ebook world seems to even be discussing the possibility of using video glasses with an iphone or ipod to read books on a (virtual) large screen privately and comfortably.

Am I the only one who thinks this is a great idea?

Do you know anything about this that I don’t?