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iPad Mini Now Shipping in Record Time; Good or Bad News for Apple?

By Adrian Diaconescu

iPad Mini [1]Success is very transient in the ever-changing tech world, so it’s obvious every gadget sold and penny cashed in counts. You can be on top now and then hit rock bottom the next moment, which is exactly what has happened recently with Nokia [2] and BlackBerry [3].

But if there’s one landmark of stability in today’s tech décor, that’s definitely Apple [4]. The Cupertino-based giant has been on the rise for years—especially with its various iPad models—and there’s no sign of that status quo changing anytime soon.

Or is there?

There’s been a lot of buzz recently about how Samsung’s Galaxy S3 [5] and other top-tier Android devices have been eroding iPhone’s leadership position over the smartphone market. Meanwhile, the iPad Mini has never looked like a major hit.

But is the 7.9-inch iPad a failure? Some might argue it definitely is, especially after seeing the traditionally long waiting period for the tab drop to just three business days or less. That’s in Apple’s U.S. stores, mind you, where the Mini has always been in high demand.

Then again, couldn’t this drop be seen as a good thing for Apple? After all, it could just mean they’ve caught up demand with production. And that’s good news. But we’ll probably never know for sure. What we do know is that iPad Mini orders are processed blazingly fast—so if you want one, now’s the time to act.

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2 Comments To "iPad Mini Now Shipping in Record Time; Good or Bad News for Apple?"

#1 Comment By Frank Lowney On February 5, 2013 @ 7:03 pm

Credulity stretching seems to be the latest fad among tech commenters. Despite record profits and YOY gains in every metric, we’re told that Apple is in decline. Perhaps it’s the same formula that started with Greek tragedy and continues to this day. We’re only interested in the fall of the mighty.

#2 Comment By Douglas Cootey On February 6, 2013 @ 12:23 am

I fail to see how iPad Minis being in such high demand that they’re constantly sold out is bad news when Apple ramps up production to knock four days off shipping time. The fact is that Apple can’t keep the things in stock. This pattern has been seen from all iOS devices from iPhone 1 to now the iPad Mini. More relevant will be slow downs in sales in the third quarter when consumers are holding off iPad Mini purchases because the iPad Mini2 is around the corner. Then you will see Android devices encroaching on dwindling iDevice sales, until the Fall when the new toys are released like a new batch of hot donuts that consumers snatch up so fast Apple can’t bake them fast enough.