best-buy-logo Spent the evening at Best Buy, alternating playing Beatles Rock Band with hanging around the iPad and Macintosh display island. I couldn’t get iBooks to open on the iPad I tried, even after resetting, though I noticed someone else had it open and was looking at it on another unit.

I did play some iPad Rock Band and Plants vs. Zombies, however, as well as surfing the web from the iPad and a Mac set up on the same island, and Twittering a bit. I even moderated some TeleRead comments and spam with it! And I talked to one of the Best Buy employees hanging around the island.

This employee said that this particular Best Buy branch had gotten 90 iPads in for the opening day sale, and had sold all but three of them in the first day. At the moment, there was only one 64-gig iPad left in the store, but they were expecting more to be drop-shipped soon.

Something else this employee said that interested me was that the usual 30-day employee discount embargo on new devices (that is, Best Buy employees can’t use their discount on a new device for the first 30 days it is sold) had been extended to 90 days in the case of the iPad. The employee hadn’t heard about the Nook coming in, but was interested to learn about it.

(In the interest of full disclosure, my sister-in-law works at a Best Buy in St. Louis, Missouri. But I won’t be asking her anything for publication because I don’t want to get her in any trouble.)


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