ipad mini with retina displayI hadn’t expected them this early, but the new iPad Mini with Retina Display is on sale now.

I don’t expect them to stay in stock long, however, so if you’ve been waiting for one, hop on over and get it now, while you still can. With all the reports over the year with supply chain problems for the new screen (including this latest report), we’ve got to expect that supplies are limited.

Assuming you can get one, they do look like great tablets. With the same processor as the iPad Air and a slightly smaller form factor, it’s going to be a great ereading and gaming device. I think for video, however, the full size iPads have the edge, though not by much.

As much as I am tempted, I really do not need a fourth tablet. However, if any of our readers buy one, I’d love to hear about your impressions.


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