telephone dir.jpgAre these ebooks? Well they are certainly digitized so they fall under our purview, more or less. Actually, I am reprinting this from Resource Shelf because it is such a great reference it should be tucked away somewhere in the backs of our minds.

A major part of The Day Job is finding phone numbers — for people, companies, organizations, etc. Almost always easy when it’s a U.S. number. When it’s an international number…not so easy, even with our expensive subscription databases.

I have yet to find a collection of international phone directories online that really wows me. Many of them are riddled with dead links and/or pointers to questionable pay services. But if you click through enough of them, every once in awhile you find what you need. If you happen to have a source for these that you really, really like, please share.

In the meantime, here’s a list of fishing holes for international directories.

Check out the site for the links.


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