lepad Hewlett Packard has requested a trademark on PALMPAD. Lenovo will reportedly have a “LePad” Internet tablet out by the end of the year (to go with its earlier “LePhone” smartphone, only available in China, no doubt). Meanwhile, Dell is pushing its new 5” Streak tablet. (Interesting name for a tablet. Will someone name their tablet the Thumbprint, I wonder?)

Considering these three potential competitors, it seems the state of iPad alternatives has gone from “where are they now?” to “what’s coming up?” Wired suggests these tablets may well find a market, though it does not appear likely they will topple the iPad’s dominance any time soon.


  1. What change? This is the same situation as CES.

    Everybody “says” they are in but no one has anything to show for it yet and a lot of time to reconsider if they ever will be in.

    Dell is the only real player with something that still is Europe sales only and the reviews there are not good.

  2. For many of us who just want a simple, inexpensive option to the iPad…color LCD, the ability to run various ebook apps like the Kindle, BN, etc…the Pandigital Novel is a great compromise. I’ve got one and am really enjoying it, now that I’ve done the easy hack to be able to run android apps. And I paid under $150 for it!

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