Yesterday, the Guardian carried a rumor that HP is going to kill off its webOS operating system. WebOS is the operating system that powered the TouchPad tablet that sold unspectacularly until HP slashed the prices to sell out of excess inventory.

However, HP’s Executive Vice President Todd Bradley has said in a TV interview that this is an “unfounded rumor” and that, even though HP was no longer making webOS tablets, they were “continuing to invest in webOS software” due to its “very unique capabilities.” This includes software updates for the million TouchPads currently out there.

While the people who bought discount TouchPads will undoubtedly be happy to know their tablets will still be supported, at least for a while, I can’t help wondering exactly what HP is going to do with webOS if they’re not making any more tablets with it. I can’t see any other companies rushing to make tablets based on an operating system whose devices sold so poorly that HP had to go to fire-sale pricing in order to move its inventory.

(Found via our sister blog Gadgetell.)


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