image How to live with Adobe PDF on small-screen devices like the Asus Eee PC?

Can you tweak the software so the view is more booklike—using the portrait mode—hen you hold the Eee as shown in the photo below?

And what about the far-more usable, as I see it, FBReader? has come up with a handy little guide with tips, including how to rote and adjust the margins in FBReader. Would that the DMCA not exist—so people in the States could convert files from DRMed formats to enjoy with FBReader!

imageIn fairness to Adobe, it would have been nice if had mentioned Digital Editions, which, like FBReader, can handle the IDPF’s ePub standard (and do so with better image support).

Bottom line: For adequate e-reading, you don’t need a Kindle, especially if you want to read e-books on more than one device.

Related: FBReader: Ten easy tips for e-book users who want to switch to a Linux handheld, which I wrote about the Nokia 770, but which would overwhelmingly entirely apply to the Asus machine as well. Check out the customization tips, including key assignments.

Also of interest: Asus reviews from Ficbot and Paul Biba.

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