Grant Snider is a comic genius with an insight into the writerly life and the writer’s process that would put many practising writers to shame. And this is his all-in-one guide to the … um … architecture of how it should be done.

I have no idea how inspiring Inspiration Overlook may be, or how useful the Emergency Idea Generator could be, but I suspect they will be for some. And as awful warnings if nothing else, you do not want to spend too much time on Procrastination Patio, let alone Desperation Drop.

You can find this work, along with all Grant Snider’s other inspired doodlings, over at Incidental Comics, where you can even buy it as a poster. The New York Times first linked to it, but why not buy it and pay the man? He deserves it. Who knows how many scribes he’s already poked up Aspiration Tower …?


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