The Google Reader option from the Gmail menu bar is gone as of today. You can see the lack in the screenshot from my account, below. It used to be located between Blogger and Finance (note the red arrow).

I suddenly realized how thoroughly I’d made the switch to Feedly because I didn’t notice this on my own. I picked it up from a Tech Crunch article.

The link is still present from other Google products, and of course it’s still available on a Google search, but this is just another indication that the venerable RSS feed reader is on its inevitable way out.

Last week, Google pulled the app from the Play Store. This week they remove the menu option. Guess the Change.org petition isn’t going to make a difference, even though it’s now at over 137,000 signatures.

Too bad, but Feedly is meeting my needs for now, so I guess I won’t shed too many tears over it.

Has everyone else made the switch to another service?