My morning routine for work is simple:
• Respond to email
• Check my Google Reader

Those two things always happen right away. Well, it seems Google will force me to find a new morning routine. The company announced its Google Reader service will cease all operations this summer. Gone. It’s going away.

I follow more than 300 blogs in my Google Reader related to book publishing, journalism and trading cards. That may seem like a lot of blogs, but when you consider that not all of these blogs update every day, it’s really not. I seem to always have ,ore than enough time to skim through the topics, and to find something of interest.

Reader was established in 2005. Wired gives a great run down on the history of Reader from its inception to the subsequent changes.

Reader was probably one of the best social media outposts in the last 10 years with the ability to comment and share with friends—until Google removed those assets.

I didn’t use this service strictly for fun—I used it to monitor what was going on in the world I wrote about. Without a good alternative, I can definitely see this hampering some of my workflow, as I’ll have to seek out each … individual … blog.

Maybe it wasn’t a tool used by everyday social media addicts, but it was something that many used as a lifeblood to track information.

I hope Google reconsiders. Which it won’t. And I hope someone puts out a great alternative.