readersI had an anachronistic experience last night—I was to get a ride home from my parents, and we wound up leaving early because my uncle had to get to Indigo before it closed at 10 pm so he could get a book he needed.

My Uncle Stu is known in our family lore for, among other things, stealing his wife’s Kindle and appropriating it for his own, so my first question was ‘why aren’t you getting it there?’ It seems like the ‘hot new book I want to read RIGHT NOW’ situation would be tailor-made for the instant gratification world of the Kindle store, which as we know, has no fixed hours of operation and so will not require an urgent rush so you can get your shopping done by 10 pm.

Turns out Uncle Stu only carries the Kindle around with him in certain situations, namely weekends at his second home in the country, and when traveling. Um, wasn’t visiting us traveling. what with his Vancouver home being a five-hour plane ride away? No. Visiting us was just doing a little domestic hopping around. The Kindle does not come out unless he’s crossing oceans.

So there he found himself Kindle-less, wanting to read the new Giller winner and facing an urgent deadline. And I wound up cutting my visit with my parents short…

If only Uncle Stu had a phone he could read on. That, he would have had with him!