txtr beagleOver at The Digital Reader, Nate Hoffelder posted an item earlier today about a truly eye-opening new e-reader known as the txtr beagle. The Berlin-based company behind the device—they’re known simply as txtr—is marketing the beagle as being the world’s smallest e-reader; the E Ink display is only five inches.

And at least in terms of product design, the beagle is also one of the most gorgeous e-readers I’ve ever seen. It comes in a range of colors, including four fantastic pastels, and it weighs in at just 4.5 ounces. Even better is the fact that it uses no charges or cables whatsoever: It’s powered instead by three AAA batteries, and—get this—e-books can be downloaded via Bluetooth. Here’s what Hoffelder has to say about the beagle’s Bluetooth feature:

The Beagle doesn’t have Wifi or a touchscreen, but it does have something almost as good. It has Bluetooth, and that means you should be able to pass ebooks from your Android smartphone or tablet – no cable required. That is a really smart move; txtr just made it easy for anyone to add the Beagle to their existing stable of mobile devices without having to worry about the hassle of another set of cables.

According to an Ubergizmo post about the device, “txtr claims that the Beagle should last you anywhere from 12 to 15 books before you need to juice up the batteries.” Incredibly, it gets even better from there, because it appears as if the Beagle may soon become known as the world’s cheapest e-reader as well. According to the e-reading rumor mill, an European wireless carrier is going to be subsidizing the Beagle, will which result in a price point of just €9.90 for the German market; in U.S. Dollars, that’s about $12.75.

Click here to check out the txtr beagle video.

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