I’ve been in the market for an e-reader jacket that’ll fit my base-level Kindle for probably six months now, and yet the best options I’ve seen to date are all DIY covers that various crafting enthusiasts have been showing off on how-to blogs lately.

Of course, I’m incredibly picky: I want a cover that’s both stylish and affordable. Oddly enough, the majority of the e-reader cases and jackets I’ve been seeing are both surprisingly ugly and unbelievably pricey. The horror!

These great jackets from Out of Print (whose mission involves “celebrating great stories through fashion”), however, definitely caught my eye.

At USD 40.00, I’d say they’re probably just as overpriced as every other jacket and cover on the market at the moment. By my God are these jackets beautiful! Over 20 different covers (including 1984, for all the irony-obsessed readers out there) are now available for the Kindle, Nook and iPad, and the covers’ material is a soft cotton canvas.

Anyone out there own one of these, or maybe something even better? Send us a photo, and we’ll post it here!


UPDATE: I just heard from Chuck Mazzone, Out of Print’s director of social media and web development, who tells me the jackets in the photo at the top of this post are unfortunately no longer being sold. (Sigh.)

Instead, Out of Print is right now about halfway through an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign you may have heard of. It seems as if the campaign is definitely going to lead to a new series of (potentially even cooler) vintage cover-themed e-reader jackets. Take a look at the team’s Kickstarter video, below, for more info: