E-book formatting is a challenge, as I’ve written about in previous posts. Later this month, Flipick is launching a tool that might make it easier.

From their press release:

Flipick is a new online service that allows book publishers and design shops to produce their own ePub3 compatible eBooks directly from within Adobe InDesign.

This new service is quick, and capable of producing rich, informative and interactive text in an utmost cost-effective manner. Flipick is expected to be popular with publishers creating fixed-layout eBooks such as K-12 and scientific textbooks, storybooks and graphic novels in a format that dynamically adapts to disparate reading environments.

Let’s hope it does what it says. The categories of books mentioned above have been slow to move to e-format, for obvious reasons. If the Flipick plug-in works as advertised, this could be a very good thing for the e-reading world, without, I think, damaging the paper world too much. The types of books above do lend themselves to paper formats, but if readable e-versions can be produced for those who want them, it should be good for everyone.