imageHere’s a jog to consider attending the Jan. 13 forum in New York called StartwithXML. Hachette USA CEO David Young and Cengage SVP Ken Brooks will be among the speakers. Registration information is here.

The right mix of tech and workflow matters immensely, as I know all too well  as a Twilight Times Books author. Ever try correcting a book that’ll appear on paper and in a bunch of e-forms? Oh, the fun of dealing with lost paragraph breaks and the like! Here’s to the day when ePub is truly the norm!

Publishers urgently needs to be able to adopt out good workflows for efficient handling of both P and E. I still don’t think they have the right tools,  at least not the small  ones—the reason I’m pushing the ePubWriter idea. But even now, many publishers would be well off using XML files as masters. Publishers might check out the progress of product called Prince, which can turn XML into PDF. See related video.

While the XML forum will cover other topics such as tagging, the general question of workflow is especially meaningful to me.

Also of interest: StartwithXML-related posts on the O’Reilly site from Laura Dawson, Mike Shatzkin and Andrew Savikas.