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VIDEO: Can Print and E-Books Coexist?


[1]‘Tis the season for reading — both print and e-books. But can the two really coexist?

For this video report, I checked in with three bookstores in Chapel Hill and Durham, N.C., and asked store managers and customers whether they preferred print or e-books.

Some of their answers were expected, such as people’s love of the smell of print books, and how they enjoyed having a break from staring into a screen. E-book users praised their devices for their portability, and enjoyed being able to carry multiple books with them without being weighed down…

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Source: Media Shift (PBS)

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1 Comment To "VIDEO: Can Print and E-Books Coexist?"

#1 Comment By Tanya On December 24, 2012 @ 11:25 am

I think they can, but, e-books are a bit cheaper. Example in point, I bought the popular book The Calendar Begins (A 12-21-12 Novella) by T. Lee Cook for only $2.99 e-book.

A similar size book would be almost $15 in print.