image Turbocharged WiFi, using frequencies between HDTV channels, is coming to the U.S., thanks to a just-made FCC decision. And e-books could benefit in various ways.

With signals able to travel over greater distances than regular WiFi, Kindle-style wireless arrangements could be more practical for other vendors, especially Google and friends.

Bottom line

The bottom line would be easier shopping without downloading hassles—direct transmission to e-readers or smartphones, for example. And the phones themselves could use the WiFi for voice-over-Internet arrangements.

Also, this could be a boon to networked books and others that thrive on always-on connections. I wonder of any NB-related Android apps could be coming in time.

Related: Cheers from Google’s Larry Page—plus Google wins big at FCC today, in Gigaom (source of the tower image), which points out the technical complexities. Don’t expect instant miracles here.

Also of interest: MobileRead item on the ability to buy and directly download Mobipocket books for the Blackberry. Go here for details from Mobi.

Update, 1:40 p.m.: Washington Post on the FCC decision and muni WiFi arrangements.

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