image The Evil Genius compared the two and found that the Nook was much slower in various ways ranging from opening a book to page turning, even with a 1.1.0 firmware upgrade. He favors the Kindle right now.

But—get this—the Nook doesn’t just offer font choices. The Genius agreed with others and said it also had better screen contrast.

When, just when, is Amazon going to care about the contrast problem? And in the other direction, when is the Nook going to add text to speech?

Speaking of the Nook, we’ll have a review coming at some point from Jean Kaplansky, a new owner. In what ways did she change her mind after reviewing it earlier? Find out.

Coming in a day or two: Ficbot’s Kindle review. She earlier owned a Sony Reader, and her brand switch is not good news for Sony, if enough others agree.