64-year-old British writer Max Hastings, a self-professed technological traditionalist, has a new best friend—an Amazon Kindle. He first encountered it in Kenya, of all places, and after he expressed an interest a friend bought him one.

After a month of using it, he finds himself completely hooked.

Some friends ask sceptically: ‘But isn’t it hard to read on screen?’ I do not find it so. There is a magic about being able to flip between authors from hour to hour and even minute to minute, as if let loose in a giant’s library. On impulse, in the middle of nowhere one can suddenly decide to buy a book, online. Inside a minute, there it is on screen – instant gratification.

Hastings talks about how the Kindle works, how to get books, Amazon’s liberal replacement policies, pricing, and so forth—mostly stuff we already know.

But it is a great reminder of why Amazon is doing so well in the e-book market. They’ve done enough things “right” that the Kindle’s appeal reaches across all demographics. Now, if they could only make it cheaper…