jemimakiss Will tech bring us back to the days when few women worked in newsrooms? Or at least significantly lower their number?

Check out some thoughts from Times Online editor Anne Spackman, via Guardian blogger Jemima Kiss.

"Perhaps," replies Kiss (photo), "it’s more of a question of a disconnect between tech and journalism, rather than a lack of women developers." Also see reader comments.

The e-book angle

Now let’s extrapolate. If e-books become more and more driven by tech, not just content, will female writers suffer? Or what about media that could replace books? Will E mean less of a female perspective in mass media?

I’ll just ask the questions here and remind you to consider the nuances. Women, as I recall, are actually better customers of certain kinds of games. Does this mean they could be better creators of them?

The related creation tools issue

Whether it’s newspapers, books or games, the real issue could be creation tools. I’ve ranted on this topic before. Programmers need to stop fantasizing that the entire world wants to worry about XML tagging. The more we can standardize e-book technology, the less tech will matter compared to content. And that’s A Good Thing benefiting both sexes.

Speaking of tech and lit: What’s the best way to handle poetry in WordPress? Are any tools or other special shortcuts particularly helpful to reduce the need for poets to do HTML? Some interesting CSS-related solutions? Same for Drupal and poetry. Yes, you just say, "Insert HTML to do nonproportional fonts," but is there a way to avoid this-here HTML business, period? I’m a prose guy, and for all I know, maybe the existing WordPress is fine, but I’ll ask this question on behalf of a friend who may be switching to WordPress.

Related: The WordPress Cabaret plugin, which creates "random poetry."