If you had a pile of 300 books in your house waiting to be read, what would you do? Would you go out and buy any more books? I doubt it, even if you could battle your way to the front door.

Yet if you’d got 300 books on your Kindle/iPad/other e-reader, would you stay in and click on any more ‘Buy It Now’ logos? More than possible. Because you probably wouldn’t even have noticed how many books were on there.

Never mind 300, you can put 3,000 books on an e-reader and it’ll look and weigh just the same as if you had one on there. And with so many e-books costing pence rather than pounds, there’s precious little financial disincentive to keep buying either. Fancy that Updike? That David Niven autobiography? That entire collection of everything Dickens ever wrote in his whole life? Go on—fill your boots, and indeed your bytes.

The curious thing about an e-book is the same as the curious thing Sherlock Holmes spotted about that dog: they don’t bark. They sit there silently, knowing that in all probability their pixels are never going to dance before your eyes.

Source: The Spectator
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