Sony seems to be focusing its efforts on e-books, and trying to get readers out there on board by getting them money.

Sony announced its first affiliate program through Commission Junction, according to The Digital Reader. It will pay six percent on every e-book sold through its affiliate links on websites and blogs. This seems to focus directly on author websites and book blogging sites.

It’s interesting to see Sony move in this direction. Authors promote their books on their websites and social media. Often, they send links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo – where they could also make affiliate money.

Amazon offers about the same percentage (depends on sales and amount of links from free books) while B&N also offers six percent and Kobo offers five percent.

Sony is clearly trying to become a more relevant player in the market. With B&N struggling, did Sony see a way to push its muscle around in the industry?

It doesn’t seem as though this is going to make a lot of money for affiliate users unless it’s a high-traffic website. But even then, six percent of a $12.99 book is only .78 cents.