Stanza is certainly doing a good job of covering the e-book market. It has just been announced that Smashwords content will now be available through Stanza. This is a major outlet for independent authors to get their work published. You can read the Smashwords press release, in full, here. Given Stanza’s huge uptake this is an excellent outlet for new authors. You can also find an interesting interview with Smashsords’ Mike Coker at the Mercury News here.

Contrast this to the approach taken by ScrollMotion. In the name of DRM they lost the entire holiday season. According to Publisher’s Weekly, ScrollMotion found a flaw in its DRM encryption and pulled all its books. The article quotes ScrollMotion as saying: ” … security and DRM are among our highest priorities, we thought it important to take immediate action.” Given the open nature of Smashwords, and the closed nature of ScrollMotion, I am betting, and hoping, that Smashwords beats them by a mile. If I were ScrollMotion I would be trying to convince publishers that DRM should be their lowest priority – as proven by the fact that the publishers lost all that Christmas season revenue. This is truly an example of DRM being a sales toxin.

In another example directly contrary to the ScrollMotion experience, Australian author Simon Haynes is going to release (or more precisely his publisher will release) all the Spacejock series in low-priced, DRM-free e-books. As Haynes says in his blog:

I’m a strong believer in DRM-free ebooks, and I also believe the price point should reflect the fact there’s zero cost required to pump out each copy of an ebook. I put this to my publisher, and they were happy to go along.

You may not be aware that the first book in the Hal Spacejock series is available as a free download. It was released as a freebie when book 4 (Hal Spacejock No Free Lunch) hit the shops, and to date it’s been downloaded over 40,000 times.

Thanks to the excellent eBooks Just Published for this Spacejock heads up.