iPhoneFace it. The current iPhone is crippleware, given the hassles you need to go through to use e-book files on your machine. But relief is on the way if a post in Howard Forums is factual. Examples:

–“There will be a build in file browser like the new finder in leopard for sorting through files

–There will be a disk mode

–The reason that there currently isn’t a file browser + way to save files from web is because there isn’t a file browser on the phone, and they wanted to release the same one that’s gonna be in the upcoming leopard OS, complete with coverflow.

–There will even be a special version of ‘iWork’ so you can show your keynote presentations

–So anyway a FULL file browser is coming so you can browse just like windows mobile explorer only in the cool way leopard’s file browser is

–Full spotlight like search is coming too

–Widescreen keyboard support will be coming in every app, not just safari

–Copy & Paste, Select Text is coming too (clipboard)…”

The Howard Forums post, supposedly inspired by a coffee with an Apple buddy, says: “These are all updates that will be software based for the iPhone you already have, so give it a little bit of time.”

(Via Mike Cane)