The UK’s Daily Mail surveyed 1,863 UK readers on their e-book reading habits and determined that 34% of the readers surveyed admitted to using e-readers to conceal that they were reading erotic literature, 57% to hide reading children’s books such as Harry Potter, and 26% to hide their science fiction habit. (Science fiction is the Rodney Dangerfield of literary genres—it gets no respect, sometimes even from its own fans.)

All in all, counting overlap in categories, 58% of the readers admitted using the device to “hide” reading something they wouldn’t want others to see them with. So much for lack of cover being a disadvantage!

Something else interesting about the survey was just how many of the e-books people had on their readers that they had never read. 55% of those surveyed had read fewer than a third of the e-books on their shelves. 10% admitted they’d never read any of them.

Wonder why that is? I do know I’ve gotten a lot of e-books in Baen bundles that I snagged for the sake of one or two titles I wanted. I suppose people who habitually grab freebies from online stores (or less legitimate sources) because “they’re free” could account for them as well.

(Found via E-Reader Info.)