image_thumb205[1] The Consumerist carries a warning to Barnes & Noble Nook owners: be sure you update regularly, or else your Nook could lose all your e-books and documents and Barnes & Noble will tell you it’s your own fault.

A Nook owner tried to turn his device on this morning and found that it wouldn’t start up, then it had an “updating” screen—and when it finished updating, it had deleted all his files, including documents not loaded from B&N. He was told he needed to reregister the Nook and when he did his B&N e-books would be reloaded, but he would have to reload anything he didn’t get from there himself.

When I called technical support (1-800-THE-BOOK) to complain/make sure they were aware of the problem so that it wouldn’t happen to other people, I was informed that this can happen when the device hasn’t been updated in awhile. I asked if this was something they were trying to fix and I was blamed for the fact that everything had been wiped from my device because I had not been studiously updating the device. I asked if he understood how absurdly incompetent this was, my computer, after all, does not delete all my files because I don’t update it for awhile. I was informed that my computer updates everyday, whereas I have apparently not updated my nook in a terribly long unspecified length of time, which was just too long and too many updates for it to handle without deleting all my files.

So remember, if you don’t update your Nook often enough and it wipes your files, it’s your own damn fault and you have nobody to blame but yourself.

(Found via TechDirt.)