Last year at this time, I posted a story on a contrast between Kindle and Nook’s successes or failures over the holiday: Kindle sold more e-books than printed books on Christmas day, and the Nook’s servers collapsed for 24 hours.

Now TeleReader Karen Mallinger posts:

And yet, it has happened again. A year to the day. Servers down for 2 days now. Cannot download books, account locked up. An hour on hold waiting for Customer Service. I will be spending Monday taking back my Nook and purchasing a Kindle. To fall prey to the same issues and not learn the lessons is inexcusable in this day and age. Too many other folks waiting to take my money, which I’m happy to give as long as they understand the intricacies of customer service and basic “planning”. FRIGHTENING!!

Oddly, a cursory search of Google News and Blogsearch doesn’t pull up any stories on this event (probably because most tech reporters are still sleeping off Christmas dinner), but it’s all over Twitter.  Not everyone is unable to download new books—some just report it being very slow, or say they finally got through—but there are enough tweets to suggest it is a widespread problem. “Apparently I wasn’t the only one to get a Nook for Christmas,” carlwatkins tweets. “Getting a ‘Server Busy’ message. Everyone get off so I can get on! :P”

Apparently there has been at least some trouble with Kindle, too, however. Searching on “kindle server” brought too many false positives, but “kindle servers” produced tweets of people having trouble connecting their new Kindles…but only two of them.