image Yawn. The New York Times and the Guardian over in the U.K. have been rehashing for the Nth time the issue of Kindles vs. iPhones, iPods, etc.

Mea culpa! I’ve sinned, too. So before I suffer a relapse, here’s something fresh, kinda.

How are you using to listen to Internet radio on your PC, iPhone or any other gizmo? And how about dedicated radio-style devices?

This BlueTinum internet Radio advertised in the Guardian looks intriguing. Has anyone used it? Or other dedicated radio devices such as one of the Sangeans or the Grace WiFi Radio? I myself continue to enjoy the Tuner app on my iPod Touch, which I hook into a decent-sounding table radio. Meanwhile here’s Computerworld’s round-up of net.radio appliances.

Also, do you have got an interesting net.radio stations to recommend?

Finally, to relapse, what do you think about the Kindle gaining radio capabilities of some kind, if the wireless issue can be worked out? Reading and listening go together well.

Related: Reciva, which CW describes as the "Microsoft of the Internet radio business."

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