Morning LinksWhat News Organizations are Learning from their eBook Efforts (Poynter)

News organizations have responded to changes in readers’ habits by moving beyond the newsstand and toward the bookshelf, zeroing in on ebooks as a new revenue source and a way to explore genres not typically found on front pages or home pages.

Back to the Future: What if the Mass Media Era was Just an Accident of History? (Paid Content)

We are used to thinking of a “mass media” market made up of large newspapers and TV networks as the normal state of affairs in media, but what if that was just a historical anomaly?

What Readers ‘Owe’ Authors—A Counterpoint (The Digital Reader)

In early April 2012 there was a spate of posts from readers/bloggers which protested some of the more egregious and pushy methods that some authors use to promote themselves. I wrote one such post, and I largely focused on how the pushiness can fail in its purpose by annoying readers.

What Books Will we Remember in 100 Years? (GalleyCat)

With F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s The Great Gatsby on top of bestseller charts and in movie theaters this week, one reader wondered: What contemporary books will we remember in 100 years?

Kindle Daily Deals: Gone, Baby, Gone by Dennis Lehane (and 3 others)