image Is the Kindle 2 destined for a future launch in Europe, despite the complexities of dealing with wireless carriers in so many countries?

As summed up in T3, hardware hackers have found "an empty outline on the left side of the logic board, exactly the same size and shape of a SIM card. In the US, the Kindle connects to Amazon Whispernet to download books, newspapers and other reading material using Sprint’s EVDO network. Outside the US, however, there aren’t many EVDO networks around, so if Amazon wants Kindle 2 to spread to a wider region, it’ll probably use GSM or HSPDA.

"The presence of an unused SIM card slot could therefore be seen as a good indication that Amazon is planning to bring its eBook reader to other countries. Like this one [the UK]. Where we speak (and read) English.

"Of course, there’s also the possibility that it was simply a left over from an earlier stage of the design, but we don’t like that kind of pessimistic thinking."

While Kindle Euro speculation has been around for eons, it’s nice to see such a tangible hint that the rumors may soon be reality.

(Via Mike Elgan and Engadget.)