imageIntrigued by the $40 price drop on the once-$400 Kindle? But you’re holding off because another model is surely on its way soon?

Don’t. Kindle 2 is "not that near," according to a two-part video of an interview that the Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg just had with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. A summary from Engadget:

    "On Kindle 2: ‘There will be a second version, a third version, a tenth version. … but a second version is not that near.’

    "According to Bezos, on a title-by-title basis of the 125,000 titles available both in print and on Kindle, Kindle’s sales represent 6% of total sales. We have no idea how significant that actually is (or what that means in dollars), but Bezos seemed to be fairly impressed with that number. Still, ‘Books won’t go away just as horses won’t go away — they’re still around.’

    "Talking about whether the Kindle was built to work on non-CDMA networks (read: networks other than Sprint). Bezo said: "we’re gonna — we need to be thinking globally about the device, which we are." He almost slipped there and said "We’re gonna launch internationally," but caught himself.

    On the way: An video-on-demand service for Amazon.

    Related: Techmeme news roundup on Amazon and Kindle—plus a Barron’s blog item quoting Bezos: "Bezos notes that people also loved their horses, but that does not mean you want to ride your horse to work. He notes the smell of books comes from glue, ink and mildew. He’s not convinced that people intrinsically like that smell. Bezos says he is not trying to replace people’s love for books. What is important is not the container, its the narrative. Long-form reading is important for society…If one outcome of Kindle is making long-form reading more frictionless, that is a good thing." (Via Peter Brantley.)

    The darker side of Amazon: Don’t mess with our POD biz model, equestrian publisher warns—and complains about Amazon to U.S. Justice Department. Let’s hope that Amazon’s ethics can catch up with its technology. Hmm. Even if Bezos isn’t as sentimental as some people are about horses, maybe he can at least show more mercy toward publishers like Long Riders’ Guild Press in his POD dealings.

    (Thanks to Sam Hendrix for the Engadget link.)