image Steve Pendergrast, co-owner of Fictionwise, has made a good case for the iPhone and iPod Touch as Kindle rivals in the e-book area.

And, yes, I’m allowing for FW’s ownership of eReader, which runs on the iPh and Touch among other devices.

In the end both the Kindle and the Apple machines will do fine, as I see it. Many Kindle owners couldn’t stand too small a screen. That said, I still think mobile phones are where the real action will be, long term. Some people just want one all-purpose device. Others may fear the fragility of the present E Ink screens.

Later today or tomorrow I’ll run a post full of Kindle love, from Sam Hendrix—but for now, here’s what Steve wrote in our comments area.

30,000 iPhone users going for eReader in just one month

image image "We’ve already got 30,000 people reading eReader books on iPhone/iPod Touch, just one month after launch.

"About ten percent of our Kindle customers have also switched to iPhone/iPod Touch uploads for all or part of their purchases. That began, of course, in mid July.

"I have received dozens of e-mails from people saying they were going to buy a Kindle but once they saw eReader on iPhone they decided against it (in one case they sold their already-bought Kindle the day after reading their first book on iPhone/iTouch).

Suspicious ‘leak’ of Kindle sales figs?

"You can even see several reviews on iTunes of the eReader for iPhone products where people say they decided not to buy Kindles because iPhone eReader worked well for them.

"So this ‘leak” of Kindle sales figures "occurred shortly after the iPhone app store began, anecdotally at least, to dry up their supply of potential customers. Hmmm. I don’t know what the real Kindle figures are, but as they say in politics, the timing seems suspicious."

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