A study in contrasts: PC World and eWeek each look at the impending iPad launch from entirely opposite points of view.

PC World notes that every new smartphone that comes out gets branded a potential “iPhone killer” (though it invariably never turns out to be one in fact), and asks the question, “What things might the iPad ‘kill’?”

Among the possibilities are the Kindle—PC World notes that the iPad has already caused a spat between Amazon and Macmillan—and tablet PCs. (Flash, Java, and the desktop metaphor are mentioned as well, among others.)

Even if the Kindle’s e-ink screen might cause less eyestrain (and opinions seem to vary on that), the iPad does allow users to do much more than the current generation of Kindle.

On the other hand, eWeek thinks that the iPad may not really be “all that”, and that Apple should watch out for the HP Slate tablet coming out in a few months.

Why? A number of reasons, including that the Slate is “good-looking,” runs Windows 7 (a full-fledged PC operating system, not a smartphone OS), supports  Flash, might be more useful in a business environment—and, just like the iPad, it will read e-books (and display other multimedia).

And of course, both of these articles ignore a tablet that will be shipping in just a few weeks—the FusionGarage JooJoo, which has just been submitted to the FCC. Though it runs Android, another smartphone OS, it seems to have very good multimedia chops, including a 16:9 high-definition screen and the horsepower to play HD content back without stuttering.

And, of course, it also has e-book readers available—possibly soon to include the Kindle reader.

No matter which tablet wins, it is pretty much a win-win situation for e-book fans.