By Juli Monroe

Like to buy books from Barnes & Noble, but you’d rather read your books in an app with more options, like Aldiko, a popular Android e-reading app? No worries. I’m going to walk you through opening Nook books in Aldiko, without removing DRM.

The process does start with downloading the book to the Nook app. Once that’s done, however, you can leave the Nook app and open Aldiko.
























From the main screen, select “File,” and navigate to the Nook folder.
























See it there near the bottom of the screen?

Select that, and navigate to the “Content” folder. Open it and you’ll see all the Nook books you’ve downloaded to your device.
























Select the book you want to open, and you’ll be presented with the option to “Open” or “Import.” Select “Open.”
























You’ll be presented with a screen to enter your username and password. The username is the name on the credit card on file with Barnes & Noble. The password is the credit card number. (You’ll pardon me if I don’t demonstrate by filling in my own information.)
























Once you’ve entered the information correctly, the book will open.
























You’ll then want to go back to the “Content” screen, and this time “Import” the book. That will add it to your Aldiko library. If you’d like, you can now delete the book from the Nook app. It will remain in Aldiko.

From now on, you’ll be able to just “Import” your books. Aldiko will remember your information, and you won’t need to enter it again, unless you change your credit card information on file with Barnes & Noble.

There. Easy, and now you can read your Nook books in Aldiko. All legal, and without needing to remove DRM.