image TeleRead has a free e-books area—thanks, Robert Nagle!—and some of the sites listed there might be useful to owners of the Kindle. It can read nonDRMed Mobipocket, an oft-encountered format.

So what about about lists specifically compiled with the Kindle in mind? Check out Free Kindle Books within iReader Review, as well as the Book Monk search tool, which aids quests for both the free and paid varieties, including print books. Shown to the left is Assassin’s Apprentice, by Robin Hobb, #7 in the K store and currently free. iReview has just published some free-books updates here and here.

Public domain books

Within the public domain area, in my opinion, Kindle owners might consider:

image –The Google Books site with 500,000 public domain titles in ePub, which you currently must download via Sony Reader software running on your PC. Then you can use Calibre software or Stanza Desktop to convert the ePub files for the Kindle. I wouldn’t cry for Sony, by the way. It’s luring Amazon customers to a store pushing the S-brand products. Within the Sony store, scroll down for the image to the right, then click on it to get to the Google collection. By the way, Calibre and Stanza will let you send the same ePub books to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Manybooks.net, hosting 23,340 books picked up from Project Gutenberg. iReview recs it as a great site for Kindle books, via the K-readable Mobi format. Use the mobile version of Manybooks at mnybks.net, with the Kindle’s browser in mind.

Feedbooks.com, which has some of the best-looking Kindle readable books. Check out Feedbooks’ Kindle download guide to simplify things.

MobileRead’s Mobipocket/Kindle collection (thanks, Paul).

Free PDF conversions and other top Kindle tips

In addition, iReview has a list of the top 25 Kindle hacks. The most intriguing might be Tip #4, for conversion and free viewing of PDF files on your Kindle. Also see Kindle PDF conversion.

Related: TeleRead’s earlier item, Jungle-Search.com helps you search Amazon and find 7,300+ public domain titles and even 31 commercial e-freebies.