Looking for free e-books for your e-reader? Books on the Knob is a great resource. I’m subscribed to the blog in Google Reader, and every day I receive at least five to 10 posts about free or bargain books.

Books on the Knob covers lots of different sites—not just Amazon—so whatever your reader of choice happens to be, you’ll be clued in on books with which to fill it.

The woman who runs the site has three main blogs: Books on the Knob, Christian Books on the Knob and Erotica & Hot Romance Books on the Knob. She split them out last year into separate sites so readers could get more of what they wanted, and less of what they didn’t.

She’ll also alert readers to Special Offers on Kindle (useful, since I don’t always remember to check), and store-wide sales. She’ll even point out noteworthy apps, music or audio on sale at Amazon.

All in all, an excellent resource for the voracious reader who doesn’t want to spend too much money to support the habit.