A price war might be breaking out among different brands of E Ink readers. The Foxit eSlick is now available on pre-order for only $229. It looks like a pretty standard unit, just like a Cybook, but for about $100 less. The downside of the unit is that it seems to support only TXT and PDF. Foxit does make a bit of a fuss, however, about its PDF software:

pro1.jpgBy making full use of Foxits superior PDF generation and viewing technology, eSlick enables its users to view their favorite newspapers, magazines or novels in PDF format with just one click of a button. With the use of Foxit’s PDF Creator, printable documents like TXT, PPT, DOC, XLS, HTML can be easily converted into a PDF document format and downloaded to the eSlick device in less than one minute. Once the documents are loaded into eSlick, users have the ability to access and view these documents at any given time. And with the Foxit Reader preinstalled in the eSlick device, it provides its users the best in PDF reading experience. The zooming feature allows users to magnify the page size from 50% to 400%. And in the reflow mode, users can read the text that has been automatically reorganized to fit the screen size and also control the font size via the menu.

The pre-order page is “coming” but they say delivery in 5 to 7 weeks. Also, they say that the unit can not be sold or shipped to locations outside the US.

The company, Foxit Software, is in Freemont, CA, and its main website is devoted to PDF creation, editing and reading software, so maybe there is something to the above claims.

“Foxit Software has positioned itself to be a PDF technology solution provider and it has become an alternative to Adobe for many PDF users. Foxit is dedicated to providing high-quality products for PDF file printing, PDF displaying, PDF graphic designing, and PDF text processing. Foxit will keep its development efforts on enabling electronic books, business document exchange, document archiving, digital rights management etc. Also Foxit will actively contribute to new PDF standards,” says the Goal portion of their website.

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