image 8G iPod Touches are selling for as little as $100 on Craigslist. They’ll work great with Stanza or the Kindle e-reading app.

Used Kindle 2s are going for as little as $200—I’ve made a tentative offer for one. And the original Kindles are as low as $150 on Craigslist.

Reminder: Buyer beware. Best to deal locally, though the low prices may make the gambles worth it.

The Kindle prices could well drop even more if concerns grow that the Kindle is an e-book Betamax due to Amazon’s focus on a DRMed proprietary format.

imageAdobe’s big Sony score is not good news for the isolated Kindle format. Granted, Adobe-DRMed ePub is in effect a proprietary format. But at least Adobe DRM victims can suffer in the company of owners of a variety of brands of readers, while the Kindle format is usable only on Kindles, iPhones and Touches. Are Craigslist prices telling us something?

Related: Techmeme roundup on the rumored new iPod model. The most important wrinkle, perhaps? A built in camera. Not that you need one to read an e-book. But this will lower the price of the existing iPods.